We have projects in diiferent categories that can be acces through franchising by investors who are looking for small to medium size business. 


The folloing categories are available;


Technologies - Cellfone Tech is our Brand [ Tablets, Cellphone, Laptop, accessories; POS hardware]


Beauty, Skin, Cosmetics, Fashion and Accessories

Katie Rose -is our brand, skin products such whitening day and night cream, toner, moisturising cream, age defying cream, shampoos, soap, etc.


Fashion apparel, bags, make up etc.


Salon - Wellness salon, Hair and Nails Boutique


Restaurants and Fastfood

Tepanaki Cuisines and PIZZA RUNNER is our Brand. Fastfood, fast money, fast investment growth.





We offer our complete service from Research and Planning, Initialising, Implementing, and Monitoring.


We will work with you from the introduction of your business venture, to ensure full understanding of your investment, through to completion.  We also offer our MONITORING service after project has been handed-over.


We offer full management, from start to ongoing business.

We will assist your requirements according to what you needed to achieve.





Level 1 - Franchising.

Level 2 - Franchising & Management

Leve 3 -  Business creation & Hand                 Over

Level 4 - Business creation &                           Management

Level 5 - Business Management                     Onsite

Level 6 - Remote Management

Level 7 - Project Management and                  others





Our Firm and theTeam is fully committed to our clients' need.

We continue to develop our skills and knowledge inorder to serve you better through our continuing training and development program.


We focus our training in the field of Business Management and Administration; Accountancy; Information Technology, System Implementation, System programming, Insurance Claim Management, Research and Marketing and Survey analysis.



Human Resources


Human Resuorces services is provided to all business that we offer and create.  The staff we provide to you  will be fully trained to their role and responsibilities including their accountability to the company of their assignment.


Induction and documentation including payroll which most commonly are pain staking and time consuming task, will become a thing of the past, as we will be taking care of this responsibility for you.



 All compliance requirement related to payroll are also taking care of.

Bureau of Internal Revenue or  Australian Taxation Office reportig is also available if required.