Remote Management

 Administration and  Document Control

 High quality customer service   

 Data Management

 Project jobs coordination and

 Insurance claim inspection

 Rental property inspections

 Rental  Maintenance, Repair coordi-  nation   Bookkeeping

 AR/Billing and Collection

 Accounts Payable Service

 Human Resources

 Payroll and Compliance

 Marketing and Sustainability


 By engaging our service you  can save you time and money.

How often do we call businesses  and end up talking to a robot or waiting in a queue to get a customer service?  Almost every businesses now use this method due to influx of calls more than their administration can handle.  This is where we come in.  We run your business from our location. Using Our Remote Management Service; in other words, virtual Office Management.  This type of Management service is ideal for businesses that are Not expecting walk-in public and customers.


How do we manage your business? 


First we will have a free business consultation to ensure that this service is well suited to your business. Then we will offer you the correct management package that will assist you.  We will have a fully trained customer service that will handle all your incoming calls, messages and queries.  All this will be emailed to you for action or you may give further instruction to contact your customer/ caller to set up appointments.


If we are contracted to a full service and have been given the information or access to your system, we will attend to your business and manage all queries to the best of our capabilities. 


We can also update, records, review and analyse data and will report to you all transactions that has occurred in your company.














Collaborating and sharing ideas for a better result.



We are your virtual business partner